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We Can Handle Fire and Odor Damage In Your Malborough Home

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Living room suffering major fire damage “Like it never even happened.”

Fire and Odor Never Win in Malborough Homes That Use SERVPRO

One thing about the aftermath of a fire in a home, homeowners do not have to resign themselves to living with the slight odor of fire damage. With proper applications, the eradication of smoke odors is entirely possible.

There are many levels to accomplishing complete removal of damage from the fire and smoke odor in Malborough homes. SERVPRO technicians use different methods to achieve this. There are several contributors to the foul odors in the house.

Removal of Charred Items
SERVPRO technicians inspect each item as they go through the property and remove items too burned for restoration. This action assists in substantially lessening the smoke odors. Controlled demolition actions help in the lessening of scents and prep the property for any needed repairs or reconstruction.

Scope the Property for Water Damage
Water does well to extinguish fires; however, unless rapid cleanup efforts occur, it also has the potential to amplify the damage to the property. The technicians use water extraction equipment and drying as needed, along with ventilation to lower odors in the home.

Hand Removal of Smoke Damage
Careful testing to determine the best cleaning methods occurs on surfaces and objects requiring smoke residue removal. Technicians utilize both dry and wet cleaning processes as needed for the best outcome. In cases where painted walls contain soot and elimination is not possible, the technicians seal the wall to ready it for priming and painting.

Techniques for Smoke Odor Removal
Depending on the level of odor control required, technicians choose from different treatments. For slight odors, time-release gel pellets are a good choice. When more robust scents remain in the home, technicians commonly use devices such as hydroxyl generators, air scrubbers, or thermal foggers. Both hydroxyl generators and thermal fogging work to eradicate odors at the molecular level and work even against deeply embedded odors.

SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord at (978) 486-9868 has both extensive experience and the equipment to remove fire and odor and restore your home to its pre-fire condition. “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO Dries Basements in Concord

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged basement; SERVPRO drying equipment removing being used to remove water Many homes experience water damage in their basement. SERVPRO has the know-how to dry your basement quickly.

Potential Problems with Your Wet Basement in Concord

The fall season is almost here, and the temperatures in the Concord area will most likely start to drop soon. Once it starts to get cold at night, pipes can break, which can leave you with a wet basement. Many houses have water pipes running in the floor between the main level and your basement. If one of these pipes develops even the smallest leak, water can pour into your basement from the ceiling.

Once moisture starts to leak from above, the building materials and contents inside your wet basement in Concord can become damaged. When the ceiling tiles or drywall making up your ceiling get saturated, their structural integrity can become compromised. In some cases, water can fill up the ceiling cavity, and the weight of the liquid can cause the ceiling tiles to break. Once the water breaks the ceilings seal from the house's main level other building materials, including your walls and flooring materials, can get wet.

When water starts to fill up inside your basement, it is best to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification program. We have the knowledge and experience to determine the best plan of attack for your unique situation.

When dealing with moisture-related issues, our SERVPRO technicians know that getting the water extracted and dried up promptly is vital. Problems can get much worse if items in your home remain wet for too long. We provide fast 24/7 service so that we can begin restoring your house immediately after receiving your emergency call.

Once we get your permission to begin restoration procedures, we inspect the damage to figure out the best way to accomplish rapid structural drying. We have at our disposal advanced technology that can help us identify and mitigate moisture problems of all types. For example, if your carpet gets wet, we can use a heavy-duty extractor to compress your carpet and pull water from it.

If a plumbing failure ever causes your basement in Carlisle, Hudson, Acton, or Maynard to flood, call SERVPRO of Marlborough / Concord at (978) 486-9868. Located in the area, and the rumor has it that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Air Scrubbers Are Used in Commercial Mold Remediation in Concord

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Plastic sheeting barricade around sink and dishwasher; SERVPRO equipment A slow leak caused mold to growth. We set up a containment field to prevent the mold spores from traveling to unaffected parts of the home.

Commercial Mold Remediation Crews In Concord Explain How Air Scrubbers Get Used

If organic materials inside your Concord fabric store ever get wet, fungi can develop and cause your business many problems. If wooden or paper items inside your store stay wet from a storm or water leak for longer than 48 hours, then you might be in a situation where you need to call in a professional commercial mold remediation company such as SERVPRO. Once a fungus develops, it can quickly spread throughout your building.

Once your structure gets contaminated, it is wise to conduct commercial mold remediation inside your Concord retail store as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more time the spores coming from the fungus can get airborne and spread throughout your structure. Once fungi form they start growing structures called hyphae that release tiny seeds or spores into the air. These spores float around before settling onto another food source where they can develop and contaminate a new area.

Whenever our SERVPRO team mitigates mold-related issues, we take measures to prevent spores from spreading and contaminating your fabric store's products and structural components. One piece of equipment we use during the mitigation process is an air scrubber equipped with a HEPA filter. This machine "scrubs" the air by creating negative pressure and sucking the contaminated air inside your store into a HEPA filter that is designed to trap microscopic particles, including spores released by fungi.

If removing existing fungal contamination is required, our team sets up a containment chamber and attach an air scrubber to create negative air pressure within the affected area. The machine sucks in any particles that become airborne during the removal process.  Air scrubbers also clean the area that might have already been contaminated by spores.

In some situations, air scrubbers can also be used to ensure clean air inside your fabric shop. Since the majority of your products are porous cloth materials, we use air scrubbers to remove any potentially harmful airborne particles so that they cannot penetrate and contaminate your contents.

If you ever notice the presence of fungi inside your fabric store in Littleton, Hudson, or Boxborough, call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord at (978) 486-9868. We are available 24/7, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Marlboro Cellars and Basements Damp or Wet? Call SERVPRO for Solutions

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

a sump pump in the corner of a basement SERVPRO Says Sump Pumps Can Mitigate Water Dampness and Damage in Marlboro Basements

Long Term Basement Drying Solutions in Marlborough

Wet basements and cellar areas encompass a large portion of the work that our professionals do for Marlborough residences. Through both flooding situations and hydrostatic pressure of groundwater on vulnerable blockwork, dampness and moisture are a nearly constant battle for some homeowners in the area. Our experience and training in this niche of the restoration industry have helped us to provide and develop long-term solutions for chronic dampness situations prevalent in our service region.

While the priority that property owners have in these situations is wet basement drying for Marlborough homes, there are more steps and preventative measures that can get taken to ensure that the cleanup and drying in this recovery is a more permanent situation. Our SERVPRO professionals can help to provide your home with long-term dryness when possible through multiple approaches that get decided based on the needs of your house and how water losses are affecting it.
One of the first solutions that we often work to employ when possible is patching the points of penetration with hydraulic cement. This compound can get applied when water is still leeching through these vulnerable points, making it a sound strategy to reduce moisture and dampness in your basement. Our careful evaluation with moisture meters can identify the points of penetration to ensure that all of these areas get sealed up appropriately.
Sump Pump
Sump pumps can help to divert water away from your basement floors. These units can get attached directly into a French drain system that can move the water flow around the house away from the basement. Concrete flooring inside the basement area can also get regraded to divert any potential standing water to this discharge point.
Another option is the installation of a dehumidifier. Our SERVPRO professionals can show you the relative humidity (RH) level in the basement and how a permanent dehumidification unit can keep these levels within acceptable parameters and prevent secondary effects like microbial growth.
Wet basements might be a standard callout for our SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord team, but we approach each of these situations as unique threats that require a custom solution specific to your property. Rely on our professionals to make these loss incidents "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (978) 486-9868.

Flood Damage Littleton – Checking Moisture Hotspots

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

A room attached to another with drywall missing, SERVPRO equipment on the floors Don’t let moisture from storm damage ruin your Littleton home.

Moisture in your Littleton home from a Storm ? We can help.

A flood can occur almost anytime. Often a storm rolls through inundating the streets with water. Storm sewers back up and next thing you know there is water pouring through your home. Water mains occasionally break with vast fountains of water flooding streets and homes nearby. Many homeowners might view a flood-like these as a catastrophe. However, at SERVPRO, we know that acting quickly and paying attention to the details can mitigate the damage to your home.

We have been dealing with flood damage situations in Littleton for over 20 years. Our business is restoring homes and businesses from flood and water events as well as fires. We know that by responding to floods quickly, we can minimize the damage and restore your home quickly.

Removal of Flood Debris

Our crew chief assesses every situation and tailors the right staff and equipment to the circumstances in your home. We remove flood debris. Pumps are brought in to remove water and flooring, and walls are removed as needed. The contents of your home are reviewed for damage and whether these items can be salvaged and cleaned. Each decision is reviewed with the homeowner. Staging for your contents as well as locating our equipment nearby to expedite the cleanup is considered. Air movers and dehumidifiers are also deployed to ensure that every aspect of your home is dry.

Check for Moisture Hotspots

Whether it is a flood or a water leak, moisture can find its way into many different hard to find spots. Water usually seeks the lowest spot in your home. Water is also absorbed in the materials of walls and even the structure of your home. After the home is considered dry, we check for these moisture hotspots using various tools including infrared cameras and moisture meters.

These tools can help to locate any moisture inside wall cavities that can cause mold problems later on. Our attention to excellence has contributed to our overall success leading to several awards and customer satisfaction.

Call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord at (978) 486-9868 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Acton, Hudson, Maynard, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We pay attention to details.

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Minimizing the Impact of Property Damages on your Everyday Life with SERVPRO of Marlborough

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO Marlboro / Concord van on the street in front of a home. Let SERVPRO show you how to minimize the everyday life issues in your Marlborough community.

We will show you Why we are the best for all your issues in Marlborough.

Property damages can feel overwhelming. Especially when there are numerous affected areas. It can be difficult to know where to start. Our restoration services incorporate fire, water, storm, and mold-related damages. When an issue goes beyond our scope- remodeling or architecture, for example- we can bring in third-parties on your behalf to repair or reconstruct parts of your Marlborough home. Only having to deal with one point of contact from start to finish allows you to get on with your everyday life while getting your property back under control. 


Our emergency response units for storm damage in Marlborough work around the clock so that when disaster strikes, we can arrive quickly to begin mitigating losses. Restoring power to a property after flooding, or bringing in our generators to provide power, can be vital after severe storms when remodeling work is required on your home. Ultimately, the sooner a property is deemed safe, the sooner third-party contractors can begin repairing the damage. 

To classify a property as safe to enter, a SERVPRO has to perform several scoping checks in your Marlborough home. These can include checking for waterlogged floors or ceilings as well as assessing contamination levels in flood waters. Infectious waste presents a human health hazard, meaning that the affected area must be thoroughly disinfected by a restorer before any other persons can enter, including the homeowner. 

When structures are impacted by high winds or flood waters, the chances of sustaining permanent losses increases. SERVPRO restorers can perform vital mitigation tasks to prevent these losses from occurring. Among them, emergency drying of wooden flooring to prevent warping or buckling, or draining subfloors using extraction units, which may have taken on large quantities of water during the flood. These time-sensitive tasks can be essential to avoiding mold growth, structural collapse, or otherwise irreversible damages. 


In severe property fires, where the structure itself has combusted, you may need to relocate to a temporary location so that restoration services can be carried out efficiently. Typically, severe fire damage in your Marlborough residence requires move-out services. Move-outs, or pack-outs, involve a SERVPRO restorer carefully inventorying contents, content condition, and specialized cleaning requirements before removing your possessions to a Marlborough-based storage facility while work is carried out. These inventories can be passed on to your insurance adjuster when making your claim to reduce paperwork during what is an undoubtedly stressful time. 

SERVPRO digitally record your possessions in a contents claim inventory that can be passed on to your insurance adjuster. Once the removal of contents is complete, restorers can work alongside general contractors to bring your home back to a preloss condition. One of the key benefits of using pack-out services is that it provides us with unrestricted access to walls, cavities, fittings, and structure, which usually results in a time efficient restoration service. 

Returning clean contents to the structure and cleaning the structure itself can make your house feel like a home again. However, stubborn smoke odors can often linger in the property long after restoration of the damage. SERVPRO endeavor to remove all sources of odor, but this is not always possible. Sometimes, pressure spraying home and contents with deodorant solvents can help to hide odors until they dissipate naturally. SERVPRO restorers can return to the property at a later date to ensure all odor issues have been eliminated. 


Microbial growth occurs when microbes- fungi, bacteria, or viruses- germinate in ideal conditions of temperature, moisture, and humidity. These microscopic organisms reside beneath floor-boards, inside fabrics, and behind wall cavities but present no real issue to the homeowner until they come into contact with moisture. With the right conditions, fungi spores can proliferate into large colonies and cause mold damage in your Marlborough home. 

In the restoration service, we use the term remediating rather than restoring for microbial growth. Mold spores are a natural part of the home environment, so eliminating them altogether is not an option. What SERVPRO can do, is remove large colonies and prevent them from growing back by using a range of biocides treatments, cleaning agents, antimicrobial base-paints as well as mechanical machinery like negative air pressure units. 

Preventative measures are valuable in controlling microbial growth. However, failure to address the source of the issue means mold keeps returning to your Marlborough home. Since moisture is the delineating factor in microbial growth, the solution to remediating mold issues is to thoroughly dry the affected area and shut off the moisture at the source. SERVPRO restoration services incorporate air-movers, drying mats and dehumidification equipment into mold remediation services to ensure the structure is thoroughly dried and mold problems do not come back. 


When water enters your property, it does two things. First of all, bringing microbes already present into your home environment, and secondly loosening any pre-existing microbial infestations that may otherwise remain benign. This process makes dealing with water damage in your Marlborough home a time-sensitive issue. The longer water resides in a property, the higher the chances are of conditions deteriorating into a grey or black water emergency. 

Our restoration services are available to the Marlborough community via our twenty four hour emergency call-line. One of the first tasks a SERVPRO water restoration technician conducts is trace water migration. Since water moves from wet to dry, the immediately apparent issues do not tell the whole story. Depending on the amount of time that has passed, water may have entered wall-cavities, penetrated subfloor, or begun producing microbial growth issues. 

SERVPRO equips our Marlborough-based water restoration technicians (WRT) with advanced water removal equipment to assist them. Drying mats cover a large surface area and are comprised of medical grade tube channels for water to travel into. The central hub is vacuum assisted drawing moisture from inside hard or wooden floor surfaces. By applying drying mats to tiles or other challenging to remove flooring, SERVPRO can retrieve moisture from areas that could otherwise become hotbeds for microbial growth and mold activity. 

Property damages are incredibly stressful and emotional experiences for a homeowner. SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord offers premium restoration services for water, mold, storm or fire-related damages.

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We Can Save Your Water Damaged Concord Home

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

drying mats on hardwood floor At the first sign of gray water damage, contact SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord at (978) 486-9868.

Gray Water - The Middle Child Of Water Damage In Concord Homes

Clean water spills are by far one of the most common sources of water damage in homes. When water leaves a pipe under a vanity sink or supply line breaks behind a washing machine, that is considered clean water and it has no real hazards to come into contact with during mitigation. Gray water is the name given to water that emanates from sources such as untreated wastewater resulting from washing machine tubs, bathtubs or clean water that has been left standing over 24-hours but less than 48-hours. After 48-hours it is labeled black water and considered a class three biohazard.

When SERVPRO mitigates water damage in Concord homes where gray water is the source, there are often opportunities to save many items through restoration techniques as long as the extraction and drying begin a short time after the water loss event in the home.

Our technicians answered a call to assist a homeowner with a toilet overflow, which is another gray water source. We arrived on-site quickly and extracted the remaining moisture from the bathroom. The homeowner did an excellent job of blotting away the water with towels before our arrival. Our technicians removed the bathroom mats for drying and disinfection.

The three most common reasons for a toilet backup are:
    •    A blockage in the drainpipe
    •    A blocked sewer line or intrusion by a tree root
    •    Toilet trap failure

In this case, the culprit was a toilet trap blocked by a previously flushed child's toy car. Our moisture detection equipment found water migrated under the bathroom cabinet, and we removed the baseboard to extract water and provide adequate airflow to dry the area.

After drying the bathroom, we scoped the room one more time to ensure no excessive areas of moisture remained and our technicians cleaned and disinfected the bathroom so it would be sanitary for use.

At the first sign of gray water damage, contact SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord at (978) 486-9868. We are locally based and no matter how much or little the water loss is in your home, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How to Restore Your Concord Fire Damaged Home

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord has the know how to restore your fire-damaged home.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration in Concord

Every home in Concord and the rest of our state is at risk for a residential fire. Thanks to smoke alarms, residential sprinklers, and easy-to-use extinguishers, the physical damage is often limited before the fire department arrives and deploys a single hose.

Even limited Concord fire damage can leave behind many types of residues and other contaminants, however. Much of the cleaning SERVPRO response teams perform restoring difficult areas of the home like attics and components such as cabinets and light fixtures.

Most surfaces in attics are porous, raw wood which makes cleaning off residues very difficult. To remove soot from beams and other support pieces or plywood sheeting, team members use brushes for dry, powdery residues and apply water or a cleaning agent to break up thicker layers or sticky residues.

For fire damage residues that penetrated more deeply, SERVPRO technicians use sandpaper or powered sanders to remove layers of wood and the residues trapped inside carefully. They also have access to specially designed vacuums that use HEPA filters which can catch and trap the smallest bits of residue and even mold spores.

Cleaning cabinets involves some of the same tools. The interior of most cabinets are unfinished like the surfaces in an attic, so the cleaning process is roughly the same. Here, team specialists also use denatured alcohol to prevent to get into the pores of the wood and eliminate residues that can cause odors.

Cabinet exteriors have a finish of paint, stain, or a laminate covering. Technicians use dry sponges to remove most of these residues and only add a cleaning agent when necessary. If the residues penetrated the paint or stain, team members can strip the damaged covering and replace it with a fresh coat.

Lighting fixtures are among the most fragile items to clean, so team specialists remove them from overhead when possible for secure cleaning and use dry sponges and cloths where possible. Since some cleaners can stain certain surfaces, they test a tiny amount on the spot unseen by owners when installed. Technicians also thoroughly clean the surface behind the fixture before setting it back in place.

At SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord, we make every effort to return each home to its original condition from before the fire. To schedule a service visit here or in Acton, Hudson, and Littleton, call our office today at (978) 486-9868. We are here to help every homeowner put their residence and their lives, back together.

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If An Appliance Leaks In Your Concord Home You Need To Call Our Experts

7/26/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord for effective and rapid water removal services at (978) 486-9868.

Get Quick Water Removal Services For Your Concord Residence After An Appliance Leak

Coming home to find that your living area or basement is soaked with water from a leaking appliance like a washing machine, water heater, or air conditioner is irritating. Such leaks can ruin your house and its contents. Water can damage porous materials like carpets, insulation, and wood by warping or shrinking them. When a leak happens, you need to find its source and stop it.
You also need to remove the water and fix the damage in an expedited manner to prevent further destruction to your hardwood floors, walls, carpets, and other items. With water intrusion, the best way to minimize damage is to hire professionals who provide water removal services in Concord. The minute you notice that there is water in areas it should not be, you can contact SERVPRO franchise professionals to help you with the cleanup process. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can remove the water quickly and dry the affected areas thoroughly.
There are different categories of water damage, and we classify them according to severity. The severity varies from clean to gray to black. A big concern with appliance leaks is that the soaps and detergents you use daily contain chemicals that can diminish the quality of your flooring if they sit too long on it or if you do not clean them up properly. Clean water becomes gray water and gray water turns into black water the longer it remains on a surface.
If the leak was significant and water spread to different rooms of the house, our crew can use powerful pumps to extract the water. Our extractors have three major components: a heater, pump, and vacuum. These three components remain in use when cleaning carpeting and upholstery. It's also crucial to identify all the moisture and remove it. Our SERVPRO crews have advanced moisture detection tools that can identify water pockets, including:
• Thermal hygrometers
• Moisture meters
• Moisture sensors
Our experts can use dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the moisture that could be on the floors, walls, ceilings of your house effectively to prevent wood rot and stifle the possibility of mold infestation. Our intention in every water removal job is to return a house to the condition it was in before the leak.
If you experience water damage from an appliance leak, call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord for effective and rapid water removal services at (978) 486-9868. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Preparing Your Commercial Business for a Disaster

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

It is stated that about 50% of commercial business who run into a disaster never re-open after that disaster occurred. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord wants to help more business stay in business after an emergency happens and be there for support when needed. 

SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord established an Emergency Disaster Program so that when a disaster comes, you will have a blanket of security in times of panic. This is a detailed description of where to go, when to take action and who you can call. An emergency ready profile is vital for your commercial business because a disaster could happen at any moment, and SERVPRO wants to help prepare our customers for any disaster that may come your way. The ERP, or emergency ready profile is a profile that will have all the necessary information you need to handle situations with disasters. No contracts are involved and it is at no cost to you or your business. We locate all the emergency numbers you may need and emergency action checklist for a step by step on what to do in a disaster. We also have provided the necessary utility shut off locations for all the gas, electric, heat, water and other important locations to know and understand how to turn them off. This is vital because in case of emergencies and panic, you may not know how to even shut off the source, which is important because the source needs to be shut off before any action can be done. It will also give you a complete property overview, showing where emergency exits are and where exactly you should leave the property when evacuating. 

Time is of the essence in cases of emergency, so it is important to act fast to eliminate anymore disaster from occurring. By having a plan of action, you can readily be prepared and act in a timely manner, and limit the amount of time you as a company are inactive. Not only does the ERP save you time, but money as well. We obtain all your insurance information so you have it readily available at your convenience as a mobile app as well. We have detailed an insurance policy information in your pamphlet to inform our customers what their policy is and what is covered by insurance. It is important to keep in mind, safety first and to account for everyone in the building and make sure everyone is okay before moving on. Things get crazy and hectic and emotions run high when a disaster occurs, so SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord wants to make this as easy as possible for our customers because we understand the hardships you might be going through at that moment. We can offer you all the services in the world to cleanup the damage, but the best service we can offer is helping you be prepared. 

SERVPRO wants the best for our customers and we know the best for them is the Emergency Ready Profile. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord always has your back when it comes to preparedness and the essentials when dealing with a disaster.