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How to Restore Your Concord Fire Damaged Home

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Restore Your Concord Fire Damaged Home SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord has the know how to restore your fire-damaged home.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration in Concord

Every home in Concord and the rest of our state is at risk for a residential fire. Thanks to smoke alarms, residential sprinklers, and easy-to-use extinguishers, the physical damage is often limited before the fire department arrives and deploys a single hose.

Even limited Concord fire damage can leave behind many types of residues and other contaminants, however. Much of the cleaning SERVPRO response teams perform restoring difficult areas of the home like attics and components such as cabinets and light fixtures.

Most surfaces in attics are porous, raw wood which makes cleaning off residues very difficult. To remove soot from beams and other support pieces or plywood sheeting, team members use brushes for dry, powdery residues and apply water or a cleaning agent to break up thicker layers or sticky residues.

For fire damage residues that penetrated more deeply, SERVPRO technicians use sandpaper or powered sanders to remove layers of wood and the residues trapped inside carefully. They also have access to specially designed vacuums that use HEPA filters which can catch and trap the smallest bits of residue and even mold spores.

Cleaning cabinets involves some of the same tools. The interior of most cabinets are unfinished like the surfaces in an attic, so the cleaning process is roughly the same. Here, team specialists also use denatured alcohol to prevent to get into the pores of the wood and eliminate residues that can cause odors.

Cabinet exteriors have a finish of paint, stain, or a laminate covering. Technicians use dry sponges to remove most of these residues and only add a cleaning agent when necessary. If the residues penetrated the paint or stain, team members can strip the damaged covering and replace it with a fresh coat.

Lighting fixtures are among the most fragile items to clean, so team specialists remove them from overhead when possible for secure cleaning and use dry sponges and cloths where possible. Since some cleaners can stain certain surfaces, they test a tiny amount on the spot unseen by owners when installed. Technicians also thoroughly clean the surface behind the fixture before setting it back in place.

At SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord, we make every effort to return each home to its original condition from before the fire. To schedule a service visit here or in Acton, Hudson, and Littleton, call our office today at (978) 486-9868. We are here to help every homeowner put their residence and their lives, back together.

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If An Appliance Leaks In Your Concord Home You Need To Call Our Experts

7/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If An Appliance Leaks In Your Concord Home You Need To Call Our Experts Call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord for effective and rapid water removal services at (978) 486-9868.

Get Quick Water Removal Services For Your Concord Residence After An Appliance Leak

Coming home to find that your living area or basement is soaked with water from a leaking appliance like a washing machine, water heater, or air conditioner is irritating. Such leaks can ruin your house and its contents. Water can damage porous materials like carpets, insulation, and wood by warping or shrinking them. When a leak happens, you need to find its source and stop it.
You also need to remove the water and fix the damage in an expedited manner to prevent further destruction to your hardwood floors, walls, carpets, and other items. With water intrusion, the best way to minimize damage is to hire professionals who provide water removal services in Concord. The minute you notice that there is water in areas it should not be, you can contact SERVPRO franchise professionals to help you with the cleanup process. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can remove the water quickly and dry the affected areas thoroughly.
There are different categories of water damage, and we classify them according to severity. The severity varies from clean to gray to black. A big concern with appliance leaks is that the soaps and detergents you use daily contain chemicals that can diminish the quality of your flooring if they sit too long on it or if you do not clean them up properly. Clean water becomes gray water and gray water turns into black water the longer it remains on a surface.
If the leak was significant and water spread to different rooms of the house, our crew can use powerful pumps to extract the water. Our extractors have three major components: a heater, pump, and vacuum. These three components remain in use when cleaning carpeting and upholstery. It's also crucial to identify all the moisture and remove it. Our SERVPRO crews have advanced moisture detection tools that can identify water pockets, including:
• Thermal hygrometers
• Moisture meters
• Moisture sensors
Our experts can use dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the moisture that could be on the floors, walls, ceilings of your house effectively to prevent wood rot and stifle the possibility of mold infestation. Our intention in every water removal job is to return a house to the condition it was in before the leak.
If you experience water damage from an appliance leak, call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord for effective and rapid water removal services at (978) 486-9868. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Preparing Your Commercial Business for a Disaster

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

It is stated that about 50% of commercial business who run into a disaster never re-open after that disaster occurred. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord wants to help more business stay in business after an emergency happens and be there for support when needed. 

SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord established an Emergency Disaster Program so that when a disaster comes, you will have a blanket of security in times of panic. This is a detailed description of where to go, when to take action and who you can call. An emergency ready profile is vital for your commercial business because a disaster could happen at any moment, and SERVPRO wants to help prepare our customers for any disaster that may come your way. The ERP, or emergency ready profile is a profile that will have all the necessary information you need to handle situations with disasters. No contracts are involved and it is at no cost to you or your business. We locate all the emergency numbers you may need and emergency action checklist for a step by step on what to do in a disaster. We also have provided the necessary utility shut off locations for all the gas, electric, heat, water and other important locations to know and understand how to turn them off. This is vital because in case of emergencies and panic, you may not know how to even shut off the source, which is important because the source needs to be shut off before any action can be done. It will also give you a complete property overview, showing where emergency exits are and where exactly you should leave the property when evacuating. 

Time is of the essence in cases of emergency, so it is important to act fast to eliminate anymore disaster from occurring. By having a plan of action, you can readily be prepared and act in a timely manner, and limit the amount of time you as a company are inactive. Not only does the ERP save you time, but money as well. We obtain all your insurance information so you have it readily available at your convenience as a mobile app as well. We have detailed an insurance policy information in your pamphlet to inform our customers what their policy is and what is covered by insurance. It is important to keep in mind, safety first and to account for everyone in the building and make sure everyone is okay before moving on. Things get crazy and hectic and emotions run high when a disaster occurs, so SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord wants to make this as easy as possible for our customers because we understand the hardships you might be going through at that moment. We can offer you all the services in the world to cleanup the damage, but the best service we can offer is helping you be prepared. 

SERVPRO wants the best for our customers and we know the best for them is the Emergency Ready Profile. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord always has your back when it comes to preparedness and the essentials when dealing with a disaster. 

How Our Advanced Equipment Can Save Your Concord Home

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Our Advanced Equipment Can Save Your Concord Home Let our SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord team help you to make these effects “Like it never even happened” by calling (978) 486-9868.

Hydroxyl vs. Ozone Machines For Fire Damaged Concord Homes

With various materials that can combust in Concord housefires, the threat in each circumstance is unique for the professional restorers dispatched to start mitigation and recovery. Among the chief concerns of the technicians working to restore fire damage in a local home are airborne threats including contaminants, debris, soot, smoke, and other particulates. Additionally, houses must contend with the consequences of spreading harsh odors that can be challenging to overcome for even our skilled technicians.

Fortunately, there are a few cutting-edge pieces of equipment that can help to address both of these fire damages to Concord homes beginning as soon as SERVPRO professionals first arrive on the scene. In all, many units can play a role to address one or both of these problematic conditions for damaged homes and businesses, and these include:

    •    Thermal and UV Foggers
    •    Negative Air Machines
    •    Air Scrubbers
    •    HEPA Vacuums
    •    Ozone Machines
    •    Hydroxyl Generators

While this is a quick look at some of the units that can get used to address both odors and airborne contaminants and threats, none can do this job as effectively as the ozone and hydroxyl machines. Both of these units can work quickly to begin cleaning the air of an affected space while neutralizing odor compounds in the process.

Ozone machines have a widespread and productive output. Unfortunately, the ozone emitted by the unit is harmful to life – so it is not safe to use around humans and pets. For effective results, however, these are still a powerful and popular option. Hydroxyl generators break apart odor compounds in the environment but also work to draw air across a HEPA filter to reduce contaminants and particulates. These units are safe to use around pets and humans, allowing our SERVPRO professionals to continue working alongside these units on other tasks.

Effects like airborne contaminants and odors could be hazardous in the right conditions to homeowners, and even professional restoration technicians dispatched to help. Let our SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord team help you to make these effects “Like it never even happened” by calling (978) 486-9868.

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We Have The Equipment Needed For Your Littleton Water Damage Restoration Services

7/5/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Have The Equipment Needed For Your Littleton Water Damage Restoration Services Leaking faucets that are not caught immediately always create problems for the homeowners. Call us right away so we can begin restoration.

Before You Secure Water Removal for Your Littleton Residence

Water loss incidents that occur in any Littleton home can be traumatic and stressful occurrences, especially when a homeowner is unprepared for how quickly the situation can get out of hand. With so many areas of the property that can rapidly become exposed to spreading water, saturation of construction materials and structural elements are a legitimate concern. Also, standing water poses threats of its own that require effective and efficient extraction tools and equipment to overcome.

With a network of plumbing that comes to a hub in the basement area of your property, water damage in Littleton houses can originate or pool the heaviest in this lowest level. While many homeowners might consider extraction from a concrete floor to be much easier to manage than materials like vinyl flooring or tilework, there are specific steps that must occur to protect even a poured floor with a rough finish in the basement of your house.

With multiple tools that can get used to remove standing water from a property quickly, our SERVPRO technicians must first determine which equipment is ideal for the job at hand. With several inches of standing water collecting in the basement of your residence, our professionals might opt for powerful extraction approaches like truck-mount pumps that can remove high volumes of water rapidly at a rate of up to 300 psi.

Before you reach out to our SERVPRO professionals to clean up the mess that water damage incidents can produce, you can look to identify the source of this damage and shut off the water supply to this breach. The more efficiently that homeowners can thwart the water getting fed to plumbing breaks, the less widespread water damage they must contend with in the property.

No two water loss incidents are the same, but experience counts when it comes to water damage recovery in your home. Our SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord professionals have years of experience and training to become knowledgeable and productive assets to the restoration industry. Give us a call anytime at (978) 486-9868.

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Staying Safe After A Flood Damages Your Concord Home

6/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Staying Safe After A Flood Damages Your Concord Home SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord is ready to come to your home 24/7 and handle flood damage.

How To Stay Safe After Flood Damage To Your Concord Home Until SERVPRO Arrives

Flood damage in a home is a dire situation as it can cause a host of safety issues before our technicians arrive on-scene to extract the water and perform restoration services on the property. First and foremost, we're concerned with the health and safety of homeowners before our emergency response team gets there.

When flood damage happens to Concord properties, there are some actions you can take before our technicians arrive that can help save property and keep you safe. If the storm damage to the home is from rainwater, it is considered a clean water category one water intrusion and does not pose a health threat to mop or use rags to blot up the water. If the water from the home is from groundwater, that is a category three biohazard, and you should avoid coming into contact with the water until it is tested to determine what, if any, contaminants are in it.

Common flood water dangers in the home include:
    •    Slip and fall hazards from wet flooring
    •    Electrical shock from water reaching wall plugs, if there is danger of shock, turn off the electricity to the home at the panel
    •    Move furniture off wet carpeting only if it is absolutely safe to do so if unable to move furniture, place a barrier between the furniture legs or base and wet carpeting to avoid stain bleeding
    •    Remove items unaffected directly by flood water from tabletops to a dry location
    •    Do not move saturated area rugs or attempt to remove carpeting as they can be an injury risk due to their weight
    •    Upholstered chair and sofa cushions may be removed and propped to prep for drying

Because SERVPRO technicians are local, we arrive quickly to mitigate the storm damage in your home soon after your initial call. Our professional equipment makes the extraction of the water and drying in your home go quickly so the necessary repairs can happen to bring your home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord is ready to come to your home 24/7 and handle flood damage. Reach our certified technicians by calling (978) 486-9868, and we can be onsite within hours to make the water damage in your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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Immediate Action After A Water Damage Incident In Your Concord Home Can Limit Further Damage

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Immediate Action After A Water Damage Incident In Your Concord Home Can Limit Further Damage At the initial sign of damage in your Marlborough, Littleton or Acton home, you can call us at (978) 486-9868 for cleanup and restoration service.

Prompt Water Cleanup In Your Concord Home Can Prevent Further Structural Damage

You can feel the effect of water damage in your home within minutes whether the water loss incident is caused by leaking pipes, malfunctioning appliances, or an overflowing sink. The damage to the structure of the building or your belongings can be significant and needs prompt attention.

Water can wreak more havoc the longer it goes without proper cleanup. The remediation specialists at SERVPRO understand a good deal of water damage situations and provide effective water cleanup services for Concord homes. Time is a critical element in preventing permanent water damage to homes and their contents.

If water pools on wooden flooring for an extended period, it can warp, cup, or buckle. Our technicians can dry your hardwood floors to prevent buckling, warping, or cupping from becoming permanent. Drying hardwood floors soon prevents secondary damage. Our crews position air movers to apply airflow underneath and on top of wood flooring. We use moisture meters to check the moisture content of the wood floors. If the moisture content is below 16%, we increase air temperature to expedite the evaporation process. If the floor finish delays evaporation, we can remove it or use a pin roller to perforate it so that moisture can escape.

If water has pooled on your carpeted floor, our SERVPRO crew can use water damage mitigation and drying systems that can dry the carpet and pad without having to remove the pad. We call this method in-place drying, and it involves extracting water from the carpet thoroughly and using air movers and dehumidifiers than usual. In-place drying is only suitable if a carpet has not been exposed to water for over 72 hours. It offers the benefit of minimal disruption and less damage to the carpet since it is unnecessary to reinstall the carpet or cut seams.

If the walls of your home are wet, we can dry them using the appropriate technique. Materials that impede evaporation of moisture from walls can slow down the drying process. Our technicians can remove such materials to speed up the process.

At the initial sign of damage in your Marlborough, Littleton or Acton home, you can call SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord at (978) 486-9868 for cleanup and restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage in Concord Attics--from Inspection through the Final Drying

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage in Concord Attics--from Inspection through the Final Drying SERVPRO Says to Inspect Your Concord Attic for Water or Moisture Damage after the Winter Thaw

Water Cleanup Restores Damp Attics and Protects Homes in Concord

During spring cleaning or looking for equipment to use during the summer months, venturing into the attic of your Concord residence might reveal damper than average conditions. Winter snows that found a way into your house' uppermost level through gaps in shingles can leave the attic wet.

SERVPRO technicians use thermal imaging technology to locate damp areas in Concord homes, showing us precisely where we need to perform water cleanup tasks and extract harmful moisture. We use moisture meters to pinpoint the content of different substances and compare these numbers to those within acceptable ranges. Crew members write the current percentages down so we can keep accurate track of your home's progress in achieving dryness.

When the roof leaks during rain showers or snow and ice melt over the winter and enter near ice dams, damage occurs on all levels of the residence. We check insulation in the attic and remove any that became compromised with water. Damp insulation becomes compressed and loses its ability to keep your home at the desired temperature. Replacing ruined insulation also helps keep cooling and heating bills low.

We also repack items found in dampened storage boxes after we ensure each of your belongings are dry. Condensation gets wiped away but enclosing your attic, so it works as a drying chamber lets us dry things in a highly efficient manner. Opting for this approach, we can get any wooden areas of the roof's frame dried out, as well as the floor and walls while your belongings become dry. Creating a containment area can be very beneficial for lessening the drying time.

As moisture gradually travels downward, sometimes it collects above ceilings, causing them to curve downward. Ceilings that reach this state can pose serious safety hazards in the home because softened drywall becomes extremely weak while at the same time holding an increased amount of weight. We use an effective method that often lets us restore the ceiling without needing to replace any of the drywall involved. Such ceilings and your home's damp walls require that we set up air movers and dehumidifiers in strategic places, so the moisture gets pulled out at an even pace. Once completed, only priming and repainting need to occur to get things, “Like it never even happened.” If we deem that the sagging has reached a certain level, we can suggest a controlled demolition by removing the non-salvageable material.

SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord is here for residents in Acton, Maynard, and Bolton when a home needs water removal and repairs. If water sits inside a residence, damage increasingly occurs to both the structure and the contents. We use methods which thwart this and protect your property. Contact us at (978) 486-9868, day or night, 365 days a year.

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Call Us For All Your Marlborough Fire Damage Restoration Services

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call Us For All Your Marlborough Fire Damage Restoration Services Fire damaged some materials in this garage. Our technicians can follow the firefighters to remove any water and moisture. Call us right away.

Use Fire Damage Restoration Services in Marlborough to Restore Your Home to its Pre-loss Condition

Water heaters are useful appliances in a home, for they provide hot water for various uses. However, on rare occasions, water heaters can cause a fire. The National Fire Protection Association reports that many water heaters catch fire when combustibles like flammable liquids are placed near the hot water tank.

Water heaters may also catch fire because of electrical failure, mechanical failure, unspecified short-circuiting, leaks, poor installation, and wear and tear, among other reasons. If there’s fire damage in your Marlborough home after a water heater fire or any other reason, you can hire professionals from SERVPRO. Our fire damage restoration services do more than just restore the condition of a home. They are about safety. We can pinpoint damage to the structure of your home and the buildup of soot, char, and dust among other hazardous substances.

Apart from burning items, fires also leave residues like smoke and ash, which can corrode materials. Smoke odors can also linger in your home long after the fire incident. Walls and other surfaces can also become discolored and the finishes of appliances can turn yellow. During the restoration process, we identify the source to find out which kind of fire occurred, inspect the areas that may be wet because of fire fighting efforts, remediate the water damage and evaluate sensitive materials that could have soot and smoke particles.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also perform structural restoration, which may include removing charred contents that could seal in the smoke like burned wood and insulation. We also evaluate carpeting and floor coverings that might need to be removed. We also treat affected surfaces for smoke odors using different deodorization equipment. We can use powered sprayers to spray odor removing chemicals to heavily charred structural components or on carpets and fabrics. Direct spraying wets the surfaces we are treating and we therefore only use this method when restoring surfaces that are not likely to get discolored or ruined. Once we are done with the restoration process, we return items to their original location.

If your home has suffered fire damage SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord can assist you to restore it to its normal condition. We use the most advanced processes and equipment in the restoration industry. Call us today at (978) 486-9868 for quick and effective restoration services.

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Our Certified Professionals Have The Expertise To Handle Flood Damage Restoration In Marlborough

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Certified Professionals Have The Expertise To Handle Flood Damage Restoration In Marlborough Our crew extracted the water damage to these hardwood floors when they discovered the water had traveled through the subfloor and into the basement.

Flood Damage from a Leaky Roof can Harm Your Entire House in Marlborough

Flooding that ruins the inside of a home in Marlborough does not always enter through the doorways. Heavy rainfall can end up inside a house. Entry points in the roof can soak the insulation and anything else in the area. Excess water can trickle down into your living area when unobstructed pathways permit this to happen.

At SERVPRO, when we get a call to mitigate a home in Marlborough of flood damage, we send out mitigation specialists with extensive experience and certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our employees use technology to detect invasive water, measure its presence, and then to remove it from your home altogether, leaving it “Like it never even happened.”

Flooding that arrives at your home and passes over the threshold carries a multitude of contaminants. While the rain that gets pushed into a window does not carry the same threat that dirtier water does, the rain that travels through your home can carry several substances that the water either picks up or dissolves. This contamination that occurs inside your house can warrant the need for mitigation work similar to that needed for on-the-ground flooding.

Inside an attic, dust and microbes get swept into the water, as well as any traces of any chemicals added to the attic's interior. Chemicals from mothballs on the attic's floor or in clothing stored directly below a leaky area, for example, and other unwanted substances can make its way into your living space below. Because of the possibility of contamination, SERVPRO's flood damage specialists use decontamination methods to ensure your home gets not only dry but clean, too.

Below the attic, in the rooms occupied by your family, the use of infrared imaging cameras helps locate where the rain spread after coming into your house. With centrifugal air movers and other desiccation equipment, we remove the water that continues to damage and spread within the structure. We remove as little as possible, making repairs and cleaning instead.

SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord's professional flood damage mitigation team can help with any degree of flooding, no matter how insignificant it might seem at first. Call us at (978) 486-9868, day or night, year-round, so we can help you protect your home in Stow, Maynard, of Boxborough.

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