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Water Damage – Concord Finished Basement

Water damage occurred at this Concord, MA home’s finished basement when the boiler developed a leak. The carpeting was saturated with water, and the walls... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement In Boxborough

A homeowner in Boxborough contacted us regarding significant water damage to their property. The upstairs sink overflowed, causing damage to their basement. Our... READ MORE

Water Damage – Concord Home

Water damage developed at this Concord home due to a roof leaking above the kitchen of the house. The damage to the ceiling and walls became very significant. T... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Marlborough

Our crew received a call from a commercial property in Marlborough regarding a water damage incident. Our experts had to respond quickly to prevent mold growth ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Concord Home

Storm damage struck this Concord home when a window was left open while the property owners were away for the weekend. It was a particularly stormy weekend with... READ MORE

Mold in a Mansfield Attic

Did you know that poor ventilation in your HVAC system can cause mold? Also, because ductwork is often hidden behind walls or in attics, often homeowners do no... READ MORE

Toilet Mold Damage in Westford

When mold was found behind the toilet drain in this Westford house, the homeowner contacted team SERVPRO for remediation and restoration. Our technicians immed... READ MORE

Biohazardous Cleanup in a Concord Home

When a sewage line clogged and prevented drainage the backup into this Concord bathroom was seen and smelled. Though it does not appear to be a large amount of ... READ MORE

New Construction Vandalism in Littleton

This homeowner's dream of building a new house turned into a nightmare when vandalization occurred at the construction site. The vandals left the kitchen sink f... READ MORE

Bathroom Leak in Acton

When a pipe bursts in your bathroom, the ceiling beneath can quickly become damaged. When the ceiling is the one covering your kitchen, that is a pretty inconv... READ MORE