Recent Before & After Photos

Concord Stormy Mess Restoration and Cleanup

The stormwater dragged in mud and debris into a commercial building in the Concord area. The Before Photo shows the contaminated mud, sewage, and other matter. ... READ MORE

Littleton Fire and Smoke Damage

When the flue malfunctions in a Littleton den because of a stuck dampener, smoke and soot can become an issue. With some luck, there won't be blowback of flames... READ MORE

Storm Damaged House in Littleton

When severe winds rip open a roof, and rains drop copious amounts of water storm damage of considerable significance can be expected. Waterlogged insulation and... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Kitchen in Concord

Kitchens in the Concord area are notorious for fires and water leaks. The latter often results in hidden mold infestations within wall cavities. When that musty... READ MORE

Fire in the Rafters of this Concord Structure

The flames consumed a small amount of the fuel before being extinguished. This meant that there was no structural damage to the trusses or the roof in this Conc... READ MORE

Marlborough Wet Carpet in an Office

When a water leak soaks a small part of an office suite in the Marlborough region, it is a wise move to call in SERVPRO for the cleanup, water removal, and dryi... READ MORE

Mold Attack in a Concord Kitchen

The leak from the dishwasher ran across the back of the base cabinets and soaked into the flooring and sheetrock. This accumulated moisture invited dormant mold... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Bonus Room in Littleton

Converting an unused attic space into a useful home office or den by unlicensed contractors can result in an electrical fire like the one in this Littleton prop... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Marlborough Property

This vacant property in Marlborough sustained storm damage when water flowed inside. The depth was less than an inch, but the carpeting was ruined and needed to... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Ceiling in Marlborough, MA

After the heavy rain had stopped the ceiling inside of this residence started dripping water. The homeowners quickly rushed to check their house and then found ... READ MORE