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How Can Gutter and Downspout Maintenance Help Homeowners Avoid Water Loss?

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

Gutter maintenance Homeowners have to deal with many types of damage. Contact SERVPRO for assistance with preventing damage to your property.

Wet Basements Compel SERVPRO Professionals to Look Up When Concord Residents Call for Water Damage Repair.

You understand why a basement takes on water during a torrential rainstorm but remain mystified why even a gentle rain results in seepage and puddling in your Concord home. Contacting us for a professional evaluation can shine some light on the problem, but you might be surprised that we go topside on your house to see if our suspicions are correct.

What Is the Connection Between Foundation Water Damage and A Building's Roof?

The roof of nearly every structure has a water collection and drainage system installed to avoid the need for water damage repair. In Concord, as in most areas that see significant precipitation, the system consists of gutters and downspouts. The trough-like gutters attach to the roof edge's underside and are canted to facilitate the flow of rain or meltwater toward the downspouts that link with the gutters at intervals to drain the fluids from the gutters to the ground.

Isn't the Main Purpose of Gutters to Protect the Roof and Upper Levels?

Well-maintained roofs protect the entire dwelling. Their design urges water to shed without entering the building. If the water merely sheets off the roof edges, it pounds down on the ground immediately adjacent to your home's foundation. SERVPRO looks for signs of uncontrolled rain flow off your home when assessing the source of basement water damage needing repair:

  • Erosion of the ground around your home, especially if a "ditch" is visible parallel and just beneath to the roofline 
  • Visible seepage seen in the interior coming through the walls of the foundation into the basement or lower level
  • Detection of water-filled cells in cinder block construction 
  • Detection of water in cavities between the foundation and building materials such as drywall or paneling

How Can Gutters and Downspouts Be Repaired or Improved? 

  • Replace rusted or damaged gutters, and consider increasing the width of the gutters to handle more water
  • Ensure the gutters fasteners are engaged and replace with new fittings if necessary
  • Check that the gutters tilt down toward the downspouts
  • Clean out leaves, roofing coatings, twigs, and other debris, especially in the fall
  • Add extensions to the end of downspouts to drain the water at least 10 feet from the house

SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord can repair water damage due to any source, but we also work with homeowners to avoid future damage through proper system maintenance. Call us at (978) 486-9868 to repair current foundation water damage and arrange for gutter and downspout upgrades.

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