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Minimizing the Impact of Property Damages on your Everyday Life with SERVPRO of Marlborough

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO Marlboro / Concord van on the street in front of a home. Let SERVPRO show you how to minimize the everyday life issues in your Marlborough community.

We will show you Why we are the best for all your issues in Marlborough.

Property damages can feel overwhelming. Especially when there are numerous affected areas. It can be difficult to know where to start. Our restoration services incorporate fire, water, storm, and mold-related damages. When an issue goes beyond our scope- remodeling or architecture, for example- we can bring in third-parties on your behalf to repair or reconstruct parts of your Marlborough home. Only having to deal with one point of contact from start to finish allows you to get on with your everyday life while getting your property back under control. 


Our emergency response units for storm damage in Marlborough work around the clock so that when disaster strikes, we can arrive quickly to begin mitigating losses. Restoring power to a property after flooding, or bringing in our generators to provide power, can be vital after severe storms when remodeling work is required on your home. Ultimately, the sooner a property is deemed safe, the sooner third-party contractors can begin repairing the damage. 

To classify a property as safe to enter, a SERVPRO has to perform several scoping checks in your Marlborough home. These can include checking for waterlogged floors or ceilings as well as assessing contamination levels in flood waters. Infectious waste presents a human health hazard, meaning that the affected area must be thoroughly disinfected by a restorer before any other persons can enter, including the homeowner. 

When structures are impacted by high winds or flood waters, the chances of sustaining permanent losses increases. SERVPRO restorers can perform vital mitigation tasks to prevent these losses from occurring. Among them, emergency drying of wooden flooring to prevent warping or buckling, or draining subfloors using extraction units, which may have taken on large quantities of water during the flood. These time-sensitive tasks can be essential to avoiding mold growth, structural collapse, or otherwise irreversible damages. 


In severe property fires, where the structure itself has combusted, you may need to relocate to a temporary location so that restoration services can be carried out efficiently. Typically, severe fire damage in your Marlborough residence requires move-out services. Move-outs, or pack-outs, involve a SERVPRO restorer carefully inventorying contents, content condition, and specialized cleaning requirements before removing your possessions to a Marlborough-based storage facility while work is carried out. These inventories can be passed on to your insurance adjuster when making your claim to reduce paperwork during what is an undoubtedly stressful time. 

SERVPRO digitally record your possessions in a contents claim inventory that can be passed on to your insurance adjuster. Once the removal of contents is complete, restorers can work alongside general contractors to bring your home back to a preloss condition. One of the key benefits of using pack-out services is that it provides us with unrestricted access to walls, cavities, fittings, and structure, which usually results in a time efficient restoration service. 

Returning clean contents to the structure and cleaning the structure itself can make your house feel like a home again. However, stubborn smoke odors can often linger in the property long after restoration of the damage. SERVPRO endeavor to remove all sources of odor, but this is not always possible. Sometimes, pressure spraying home and contents with deodorant solvents can help to hide odors until they dissipate naturally. SERVPRO restorers can return to the property at a later date to ensure all odor issues have been eliminated. 


Microbial growth occurs when microbes- fungi, bacteria, or viruses- germinate in ideal conditions of temperature, moisture, and humidity. These microscopic organisms reside beneath floor-boards, inside fabrics, and behind wall cavities but present no real issue to the homeowner until they come into contact with moisture. With the right conditions, fungi spores can proliferate into large colonies and cause mold damage in your Marlborough home. 

In the restoration service, we use the term remediating rather than restoring for microbial growth. Mold spores are a natural part of the home environment, so eliminating them altogether is not an option. What SERVPRO can do, is remove large colonies and prevent them from growing back by using a range of biocides treatments, cleaning agents, antimicrobial base-paints as well as mechanical machinery like negative air pressure units. 

Preventative measures are valuable in controlling microbial growth. However, failure to address the source of the issue means mold keeps returning to your Marlborough home. Since moisture is the delineating factor in microbial growth, the solution to remediating mold issues is to thoroughly dry the affected area and shut off the moisture at the source. SERVPRO restoration services incorporate air-movers, drying mats and dehumidification equipment into mold remediation services to ensure the structure is thoroughly dried and mold problems do not come back. 


When water enters your property, it does two things. First of all, bringing microbes already present into your home environment, and secondly loosening any pre-existing microbial infestations that may otherwise remain benign. This process makes dealing with water damage in your Marlborough home a time-sensitive issue. The longer water resides in a property, the higher the chances are of conditions deteriorating into a grey or black water emergency. 

Our restoration services are available to the Marlborough community via our twenty four hour emergency call-line. One of the first tasks a SERVPRO water restoration technician conducts is trace water migration. Since water moves from wet to dry, the immediately apparent issues do not tell the whole story. Depending on the amount of time that has passed, water may have entered wall-cavities, penetrated subfloor, or begun producing microbial growth issues. 

SERVPRO equips our Marlborough-based water restoration technicians (WRT) with advanced water removal equipment to assist them. Drying mats cover a large surface area and are comprised of medical grade tube channels for water to travel into. The central hub is vacuum assisted drawing moisture from inside hard or wooden floor surfaces. By applying drying mats to tiles or other challenging to remove flooring, SERVPRO can retrieve moisture from areas that could otherwise become hotbeds for microbial growth and mold activity. 

Property damages are incredibly stressful and emotional experiences for a homeowner. SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord offers premium restoration services for water, mold, storm or fire-related damages.

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